First Visit

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We are always excited to welcome new patients to our practice. When you schedule your appointment, we will send you confirmation either by text or email. 2 weeks prior to your first visit you will receive links so that you can provide all the necessary information to make your first appointment check in quick and easy. Be sure to bring your dental insurance card so that we can scan it into our system. Please feel free to also bring a list of any medications you are taking if you would like us to scan those into your chart as well. If you need antibiotics prior to dental work, please take them as prescribed. If you are not sure if you need antibiotics, please contact your orthopedic doctor prior to your visit.

Your first visit begins with a comprehensive oral evaluation with one of our doctors. We will determine what type of initial cleaning you will need; it is not the same for everyone. Our team will develop a treatment plan to help you achieve and maintain a healthy smile. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about treatment options during your visit.

Whether you need a cleaning, a filling, or even a brand-new smile, we are here to help. Great dental care doesn’t just make for a fantastic smile, it also helps promote overall health and wellness. We want you to have the confidence to share your smile with the world!

Your Child’s First Visit

We recommend that children receive their first dental check-up between the ages of 2 and 3. We like to call this first visit a “Happy Visit”. Being positive with your child about their first dental visit is very helpful. We often have this visit to be in conjunction with a parent’s visit so your child can see you in the chair and be comforted. We will get to know your child and help them to feel comfortable in the office by explaining what will happen during their visit and showing them the tools and instruments we will use to help keep their smile healthy. Radiographs (x-rays) are taken only if necessary. If no treatment is needed, the teeth will be cleaned and a fluoride treatment will be provided.

We look forward to meeting you and your child for your first appointment!

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